The Smart Metering Entity (SME) operates the Meter Data Management and Repository (MDM/R). The Government of Ontario designated the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) as the SME in 2007 to support its Smart Metering Initiative (SMI).  The MDM/R processes smart meter consumption data from MDM/R service recipients in Ontario to support Time-of-Use (TOU) billing.  The SME also provides information about Smart Metering to businesses, education leaders, and consumers.


The SME facilitates the integration of Local Distribution Company (LDC) smart meters with the MDM/R and delivers business services that enable LDCs to bill their customers on TOU. It also provides the following services:
  • It manages the MDM/R contract with the Operational Service Provider (IBM) to ensure it operates reliably and within contracted service levels;
  • It manages changes to the MDM/R to ensure the changes are implemented in a controlled manner;
  • It coordinates the MDM/R’s design, technical architecture, and standards;
  • It manages MDM/R quality assurance to ensure the MDM/R functions and operates as designed, and fulfills audit requirements;
  • It provides first-level incident response and resolution services;
  • It coordinates shared services across IESO functions to fulfill its obligations as the SME.